About Us

At Gethsemane Humanitarian Foundation, we are dedicated to weaving a tapestry of care and compassion, focusing on the most pressing needs of our communities. Our mission extends across a spectrum of vital areas, from family welfare and health to education and community programs.

we believe that by addressing these critical areas, we can create a brighter, more equitable future for all. Together, we nurture hope and transform lives.”


Charitable, Service, Participatory, Empowering people in need


  • Family welfare, health and nutrition, education and relevant community programs in the field.
  • Health Program
  • Social welfare programs for weaker sections.
  • Homeless people
  • HIV Program’s
  • Rehabilitation Programme
  • Implementation of minimum need program.
  • – Disaster preparedness and management ( i.e. for floods, cyclone, ets)
  • Economic Development
  • Emergencies
  • Food Assistance
  • Infant and Maternal Health Program
  • Nutrition
  • Clean Water
  • Peace-building
  • Development Project for unstablest areas
  • Vision-fund

Gethsemane College

As a Christian school, Gethsemane College, strives to uphold Christian principles among the staff and students, while upholding superior educational standards using the Cambridge syllabuses. The vision and mission of the school has been birthed out of a firm Christian foundation to “lead every child toward wholeness and wellness” and to thus achieve this by:

• Expanding knowledge with highest educational standards

• Molding character with foundational biblical values

• Strengthening body with continual physical training

Gethsemane College began in the year 2009 with 5 children’s, However, through the years God’s blessings on Gethsemane College has been evident because of its steady growth in number of students and facilities. Today Gethsemane College offers admission for the following levels  -LKG?UKG | Primary Grades ( Grades 1 -5 ) | Senior Grades ( Grades 6-London Ordinary Level – Cambridge Syllabus & Examinations )

Gethsemane Childrens Home

– Started Gethsemane Children’s Home is a Christian Humanitarian Non-Profit Orphanage formed in 2005 under the Reg. No: GAM/WAT/SB174 working to create a lasting change in the lives of children living in poverty and injustice. Dear Friends,

– It is our great privilege to share with you the work done in and through Gethsemane Children’s Home. Our Home was formed in January 2006.

– GCH believes that children are a gift from God Almighty, regardless of their race, creed, religion, language or culture. GCH is committed to help these children overcome their troubled past and achieve a meaningful and joyous future.

– Founded upon the Christian faith, GCH is concerned with the welfare of these abandoned, abused, dire straits, homeless and neglected orphans. GCH is committed to work tirelessly to build a strong foundation, without which, the children’s future could be destroyed.


To create lasting change in the lives of children, in terms of alleviating poverty, eradicating injustice and ensuring basic living standards are met


We work towards creating a positive social change to enhance the quality of life of every child in the society.